00-13 Ram Caster Eliminator Plates


Set of 4 Black Wrinkle Powder or Steel. These eliminate the use of the slot in the front axle lower to adjust caster. So you will either have a fixed setting or switch to an adjustable arm like our radius long arm or adjustable control arm set. The original holes are often damaged and original hardware is expensive. You can use regularly available grade 8 metric or standard hardware with these. They come with a hole for a 9/16 bolt but could easily be enlarged if you are using a setup with a larger bolt  

These fit 03-13 four link front axles. (and most 00-02 axles detailed below)

Caster Eliminator Plates will be chosen based on the axle you choose to go with. All axles from 03-13 will use this version. 94-99 will use this other version. 00-02 are a little bit of a toss up, on paper using the first mentioned 03-13, but somewhat often found with the 94-99 sizing. The difference is on the axle in the mounts for the lower arm. It is most easily checked by a front to rear measurement of either/both the small slot where the lower arm bolt passes through or the outer cage for the original caster cam washer. Either near 2” for the larger later, or near 1-3/4 for earlier smaller. 

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