14-C Ram 2500 Long Arm Rear Traction Bar Axle Bracket


14-C Ram 2500 Long Arm Rear Bolt-on Traction Bar Axle Brackets Only 


Axle brackets;

2500 axle bracket set (group 10261)


X4 1/4” think x 3/4 spacers

X4 10mm x 1.5 tp, x 25mm long bolt

X8 7/16 x 1.25 bolt

X8 7/16 lock nut

X16 7/16 washer


X2 3/4 x 4.5 bolt

X2 3/4 lock nut

X4 3/4 washer


X2 small badge

X4 1/4” button head

X4 1/4” lock nut



Rear Long Arm Traction Bar “re-link”kit ‘14-C 2500 Ram

Rear Long Lower Link Replacement System for your 2014 to current 2500 4x4 Ram Truck
Improve geometry and increase travel and traction on your 14 to current 2500 4wd Ram rear suspension.
The original rear suspension was designed to suit OEM assembly needs, but it definitely leaves a lot to be desired for axle control and travel.
In this kit, you delete the lower oem control arms all together.
What you get is a heavy duty bolt on bracket for the lower part of your axle (where a bracket should have been), a bolt on bracket on your frame rails located by original holes, and a new super strong adjustable lower link, over 50” long, utilizing two bushing ends, and two of our 1-1/4” chromoly, heat treated, teflon/nylon lined rod ends. Optional boots available for the easiest of maintenance. (CLICK HERE)
Vehicle height depending, this can improve power planted to the ground, but definitely improve axle control, feel, and wheel hop.
Requires some drilling, and at least a small amount of trimming of the original frame lower link mount (does not effect ability to return to stock), with the option of removing it all together (the section you see sticking down when looking at the truck from the side) and adding our cover plate. (CLICK HERE)
We also have 5 adjustable replacement links to compliment this system in adjustability as well as relocation brackets for the track bar. (CLICK HERE)

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