02-18 RAM 1500/03-18 RAM 2500/3500 DRIVER SIDE SWING CASE(NOT 13-17 RAM 3500 W/TOW PACKAGE)

Name: UnderCover SwingCase Storage Box
Fender Well Toolbox Style: Pork Chop
Fender Well Toolbox Material: Plastic
Fender Well Toolbox Color: Black
Fender Well Toolbox Drawer: No
Fender Well Toolbox Length: 30.375 In
Extra Info: UnderCover SwingCases are innovative toolboxes designed to provide secure, out-of-the-way storage for your tools and so much more. These convenient cases mount on the inside panels of your truck bed, lock into position, and swing out over the tailgate for easy access! Their 1.5 cu. ft. of storage and 75 lb. weight rating mean that you can fit a lot of gear into these little boxes! Great for tools, towing equipment, camping gear, emergency supplies, and more, these UnderCover SwingCases are removable and lockable. The unique construction of these toolboxes provides 2 in. of clearance between the box and bed surface to allow for the hauling of plywood and other sheet materials. UnderCover SwingCases install in minutes with self-tapping screws and include a padlock loop for added security.

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